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Geek Chic Cosmetics has released a new collection called Scapers, inspired by one of my all time favorite tv series, Farscape. I’m ridiculously excited over this. Farscape had amazing characters, fantastic plots and tons of character development. It had one of the best anti-heroes of all time, in my opinion, Scorpius. Each episode was usually self-contained, but had a larger overall story arc throughout the seasons. I own the 4 seasons of the series and the Peacekeeper Wars on DVD. I’ve rewatched them several times. I also loved Chiana and Sikozu. However, I was instantly charmed by Ben Browder’s character, John Crichton. I loved watching Aeryn Sun grow and change throughout the seasons. This show made me cry, a lot! So. Good!

This collection is made up of 8 eyeshadows and 1 glitter. Starburst (glitter), Anarchist Priest, Guiding Star, Bonded to the Stars, Sensitive Warrior, Frell!, Find My Way Home, Harvey in My Head, and Yotz! I also included a shot of the brand new Luck Dragon.

Scapers 1

Scapers 2

As soon as I get the colors I’ll be swatching them for you. So. Excited!

Did you watch Farscape? Who was your favorite character? It’s so hard to choose!