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This is a guest post by my friend Judi.

Hi! I’m Judi and I blog at Judixo.  I wanted to share my thoughts with you on Relogy.  Relogy is a 100% cruelty free and vegan skincare line that offers a 2 step treatment to aid in the reduction of acne.  Their natural acne treatment line retails for $49.95 for a 60 day supply.  I have been using their products for a number of weeks, testing it out daily to see how it would react on my combination skin.  My skin has an oily T-zone, dry patches on my cheeks, and is sensitive all over.   I used to suffer from a lot of acne as a teen and was on Differin and a few other medications for acne. So, I am no stranger when it comes to acne medications.


The items in the treatment kit include:

  • Rinse-Free Foam Acne Treatment 4 fl oz.
  • Skin Balancing Lotion with Coconut Milk 2 fl oz.
  • Targeted Spot Treatment with Seaweed Extract .25 fl oz. plus
  • Relogy Guide to Clear Skin with order.

Relogy Step 1

Step 1 is the dual action treatment foam – Penetrates skin better, to clear blemishes fast. Apply a quarter size amount to face and areas where acne occurs. Allow to penetrate skin. Rinse with warm water if desired. If excessive drying occurs reduce use to once a day or every other day.

This foam is thick and rich. You can wash your face with it and you don’t have to rinse it off.  I’ve used it both ways.  I’m just programmed to prefer rinsing it off, but it is not uncomfortably sticky and it does not leave a residue if you do not rinse it.

Relogy Step 2

Step 2 is a skin balancing lotion with coconut milk – apply a pea-sized amount to clean skin

This lotion is moisturizing without feeling greasy.  In my experience with acne control lotions, they dry out my face.  I do not have that problem with this lotion. In honesty, it replaces my moisturizer because it leaves my skin so supple and smooth.

Relogy Step 3

There is also a Targeted acne spot treatment with seaweed extract that is included with your order – it is meant to work on existing blemishes but I have not had much need for this since I have not had any active breakouts.

I think the Relogy line is great if you’re looking for a gentle alternative to the harsh chemicals in acne medications out on the market.  I like knowing the product is cruelty free, vegan, and where possible they use organic ingredients.  I normally experience breakouts during my hormonal time of the month, but since using the Relogy skin care line, I have not experienced any breakouts.

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