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This is a guest post by my friend and fellow Central Florida Beauty Blogger Nadege. She runs the blog Hair Lush Chronicles. She’s enamored with all things fabulous and has a passion for healthy hair.  She also created her dream product, Gleau Nourishing Argan Oil Plant Fusion which has been raved about by women with hair of all textures.

  Gleau Argan Oil

Natural plant oils are your hair’s dream come true.  I just love how oils can be used in so many ways to fit your hair’s needs.  Loaded with vitamins and essential fatty acids, these oils can actually nourish the hair brining health and vitality back to your parched tresses.  Gleau Nourishing Oil blend is a fabulous fusion of 8 natural plant oils including Argan Oil, Camellia Seed Oil, Meadofoam Seed Oil, Jojoba, Sweet Almond and more.  Best of all, you don’t have to worry about ingredients like mineral oil or silicones that can sit on top of the hair follicle, weighing the hair down.

Gleau is the result of a desire I had to formulate a blend that had amazing moisturizing qualities.  It’s light, unscented and non-greasy.  Now let’s chat a little about three of the many ways to use natural oils in your regimen to create healthier, nourished hair.

Pre-Shampoo Treatment
Prior to shampooing, apply Gleau Argan oil to your hair (focusing on the ends).  This simple step helps prepare your tresses for the shampoo step which can sometimes be harsh on the hair.  Our hair is extremely fragile when wet. Apply natural oil as a pre-shampoo treatment can help protect the hair from breakage during the detangling process.  After washing, your hair will feel nourished, less stripped and ready deep conditioning.

Blend with your Deep Conditioner
Add a few drops of Gleau Argan Oil blend to your favorite conditoners to kick it up a notch.  Most quality conditioners contain natural oils way at the bottom of their ingredient list. The oils are the best part so I like to add a little more oil to elevate the deep conditioning process.  Try this next time and you’ll definitely notice the difference.

Pre-Blow Dry treatment
Another option is to rub a little bit of Gleau on your clean, damp hair prior to styling.   This is the perfect finishing touch before you complete your look.  Because it’s so light, Gleau immediately absorbs into the strand.  A little goes a very long way creating softness and a healthy shine.

This blend of all natural goodness is the perfect way to revitalize your hair. A couple of drops of Gleau rubbed through your ends overnight can leave you with softer, prettier hair in the morning. Oh, and if your skin feels a bit parched, feel free to moisturize your hands and body with these natural oils as well.  Grab a bottle and experience the Gleau.