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A while back I took a risk and purchased what I hoped would be a gorgeous deep blue-teal holographic polish, Chirality Cu2.

Chirality Cu2 Bottle

The Website Says
A lonely scientist is working to compose the ultimate love potion. While working in her laboratory, a freak accident involving copper, or Cu2+, infuses to our heroine to create an electronically charged Siren. Who says elements from the periodic table can’t be beautiful?

Chirality Cu2 Bottle

Cu2+ is a blue holographic polish.

Chirality Cu2 Swatch

Chirality Cu2 Swatch To me, it’s stunningly beautiful.

Chirality Cu2 Swatch

I’m really pleased with it. The formula was nice. It was easy to apply.

Chirality Cu2 Manicure

It looks great when worn with a golden shade, like OPI Goldeneye.

Chirality polishes are $7 for a full size and $4 for a mini size.

If you’re tired of glitters and looking for something different, check out Chirality.

Would you wear this holo?

5 Star Rating

Product purchased by me. All opinions are my own.