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If you’re looking for different ways to hang out with me online here they are!

Feelin' Beautiful with Brittany

1. Feedburner by Email – Feedburner is no longer being supported by Google (from what I understand) so I don’t know how long this will continue to work. That said, this is a daily digest of the posts from my site. So you’ll only get 1 email a day.

Jetpack email
2. Jetpack by email – This is in the right sidebar of my blog and it will send you each individual post that goes live.

3. RSS – If you use google reader or another RSS server, you can subscribe at this link.

4. BlogLovin – It’s the site that I use to follow and read blogs. I like it a lot. It even has an android app.

Hello Cotton 5. HelloCotton – This is a site that a lot of people love for following and reading blogs.

Instagram 5. Instagram – I love instagram! I do post silly pet photos, food, and makeup here. It’s stuff you might not see elsewhere.

Google Plus 6. Google Plus – I really like google plus because it is so easy to organize people in circles. It just makes sense. I have blogging, family, Tampa/Orlando peeps, etc. It makes it super easy to read what I want.

Youtube 7. YouTube – I’m starting to get more comfortable making videos. Though I’m annoyed at the limited length. I’ve got to chop my AJ Crimson video into 4 parts!

Facebook 8. Facebook – Facebook is not my favorite, but a lot of people like it. I think I post a lot of funny content on my page, in addition to my posts.

Pinterest 9. Pinterest – My love for Pinterest is still going strong. It’s such beautiful eye candy.

Twitter 10. Twitter – My favorite social media platform! I love twitter. Any time I’m at my computer, I have Tweetdeck up so I can see what people are saying. I love the snippets of life.

11. Makeup Geek – I like Makeup Geek for sharing my looks. I find it’s a much nicer place to be than Makeup Bee.

What’s your favorite way to hang out online? What’s your favorite social media platform?