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Back in May I wrote a tidbits about why I like to support indie. After the Makeup Show Orlando, I’ve had to rethink my feelings about what sort of companies I consider to be indie, as well as its definition.

It used to be that I only considered companies that created their own products and did not sell them in major chains such as Sephora, Hot Topic, Ulta, etc to be indie. This means companies like Meow, Fyrinnae, BftE, Evil Shades, Morgana Cryptoria, Obsessie Compulsive Cosmetics, Silk Naturals etc were all indie to me. It meant that I did not consider companies like Nyx to be indie.

My Mix of Makeup

After Sugarpill came on the market, I had to redefine how I felt about indie, because Amy (owner of Sugarpill), works with a lab to create her products. My friend Maria of Cult Nails works with a lab to create her nail polish colors. Marlena from Makeup Geek did the same thing, working with a lab to create her colors and products.  Kaz from Pretty Serious is very involved in her product creation, too! This caused my definition of Indie to widen to encompass Pretty Serious, Sugarpill, Cult Nails and Makeup Geek, in addition to companies like BftE and Fyrinnae.

Cue the Makeup Show Orlando. I spoke to Brian from Too Faced, who’s a total sweety and a business development exec. for Too Faced. It was surprising to see that they consider Too Faced to be indie because they’re independently operated and ran, not owned by one of the big conglomerates like Estee Lauder. I didn’t realize this until we were talking, because as long as I’ve known of Too Faced, they’ve been in Sephora.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, also a company that I considered Indie, is now being sold in Sephora, but I still see them as indie. From what I can tell, Illamasqua is independently owned, too.

I now consider a wider range of companies to be indie. After researching, Urban Decay is the largest independently owned cosmetic company in the United States. When I look at my favorite companies these days – Urban Decay, Too Faced, Sugarpill, BftE, Cult Nails, Inglot, Fyrinnae, Silk Naturals, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, Pretty Serious etc what they have in common is being independently owned and making great products. More recently, many of them have been great to follow and interact with on Social Media.

My definition of indie used to be a tiny company that sold online and wasn’t available in any speciality store. Now my definition of indie has expanded to include large companies, still independently owned, that are sold in specialty stores such as Sephora. I think these companies are the ones I choose to support because I like the decisions they make. They’re still cruelty-free. They’re not selling in China. Most of them have fully embraced social media.  If you’re looking for a list of indie companies doing social media correctly, check out Cult Nails, Too Faced, Urban Decay, BftE, Sugarpill, and Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. They’re great to interact with.

With Illamasqua and Sugarpill Wearing Illamasqua and Sugarpill.

How has your definition of an ‘indie company’ changed over the years? I feel like mine has changed a lot! Just 4 years ago I would have never considered Too Faced or Urban Decay as indie, but I do now.