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Today I have an awesome collection to show you! It’s Pumpkin & Poppy One Ring Collection, inspired by the Hobbit / Lord of the Rings. It’s just in time for the movie to come out! For those of you new to Pumpkin & Poppy, they’re a vegan indie cosmetics company. They make powder eyeshadows, cream products, solid scents and more.

Pumpkin & Poppy One Ring Collectionj


Middle Earth Solid Scent (only available with the full collection)
Top Notes: Fir Needle Essential Oil
Middle Notes: Vanilla Absolute, Oakmoss, Tonka Bean, Petigrain
Bottom Notes: Labdanum Absolute, Sandalwood, Amber, Patchouli, Cedarwood

To me, this is a very masculine scent. It does seem really appropriate for a Lord of the Rings inspired collection. I smell the Fir tree, then moss. Later I smell patchouli and cedarwood. It’s  not a scent that works well on me, but I can see it appealing those who like earthy scents.

Pumpkin & Poppy One Ring Collection Swatches and Review

Pumpkin & Poppy One Ring Shire Shadow

Shire – (olive-gold w/ copper duochrome)

The Shire is a region of Middle Earth where the Hobbits live in relative peace, sheltered from much of what goes on in Middle Earth.

My Take
Olive green with gold shimmer and slight copper sparkle

Pumpkin & Poppy One Ring Strider Shadow

Strider  – deep matte hunter green

Strider eyeshadow is based on Aragorn, the ranger of the north. His color is based matte dark hunter green and is based on his cape that he wears into battle. He fights for love, honor, and to erase the sins of his ancestor who didn’t destroy the ring as he was supposed to. He must battle his inner demons and his star-crossed love with Arwen before he can become the king he was meant to be.

My Take
It’s a slightly deeper than midtone mossy green.

Pumpkin & Poppy One Ring Wise Wizard

Wise Wizard– Matte Medium Grey w/ Blue Undertones

Wise Wizard is based upon Gandalf the Grey, before he turns into the White Wizard. He is a friend of Bilbo Baggins and is a wise and humble wizard. Loyal and true to his friends and is the leader of the Fellowship of the Ring. Gandalf is often compared to the Norse god Odin when he is in his “Wanderer” disguise; an old man with a long white beard, a wide brimmed hat, and a staff.

My Take
It’s a really nice deep grey with subtle blue undertones.

Pumpkin & Poppy One Ring Evil Eye Shadow

Evil Eye – semi-matte bright true red orange

Evil Eye is a vibrant, fiery, red-orange color that is semi-matte. It is based on the evil Sauron who is depicted as a disembodied fiery eye throughout the LOTR trilogy. He was once able to take on human form, but lost that ability when the ring was chopped off his hand.Any sense of good he once had he lost to power, greed, and corruption. The fellowship must keep the ring from Sauron or all will be lost.

My Take
Fiery orange is an apt description for this color! It makes me think of  Fall leaves.

Pumpkin & Poppy One Ring Archer

Archer – shimmery beige-gold with taupe undertones

Archer eyeshadow is based on the elf warrior Legolas from Lord of the Rings. It was inspired by his gleaming blond hair and his metallic bow and arrows that he wields to fight evil. This color is quite metallic, but the color is subtle and beautiful. A great everyday color when you want a little something special that is still understated. This color is a close dupe of Urban Decay’s Maui Wowie, without the glitter.

My Take
As soon as I swatched this one I was immediately reminded of UD Maui Wowie. It’s a great beige gold that I can see a lot of people loving.

Now on to the creams! Pumpkn & Poppy is pretty unique in that they make cream blushes, highlighters, and eyeshadows. I really like their formula.

Pumpkin & Poppy One Ring Lady of Light

Lady of Light – peach, gold, and copper combination

Lady of Light Cream Face Highlighter is based on Galadriel, the elven queen of Lothlórien. One of the names she is known by in the books is Lady of Light and was the greatest of all elven women. She has a glowing, ethereal beauty…her skin and golden blonde hair inspired this face highlighter. It make the skin glowing and radiant and is great for all skin-types, especially oily, combo, and sensitive. You can apply this product with a dense brush or use your fingers for a more opaque effect.

My Take
This is a beautiful cream highlighter that I love because of the peach, gold and copper iridescence.

Pumpkin & Poppy One Ring Collection Cream Eyeshadows

Pumpkin & Poppy One Ring My Precious Eyeshadow

My Precious – bronzed gold

My Precious cream eyeshadow is a bronzed gold, the color of the one ring that corrupts all who wear it the darkness that comes with having too much power. Frodo is the only one who can carry it to Mordor to destroy its evil powers once and for all. This color is a very close dupe of MAC Indianwood paint pot.

My Take
It’s a lovely bronzey gold. I don’t think it’s a close dupe of Indianwood, because that’s more bronzey/copper.

Pumpkin & Poppy One Ring Lockbearer

Lockbearer – coppery brown

Lockbearer cream eyeshadow is based on Gimli from LOTR, the tough, brave, and persistant dwarf that is fiercely loyal and unflappable…he’s my favorite character from the series. This shade is based on the coppery shade of his beard and the metallic gleam of his bronzed armor. The color is a beautiful bronzed brownish tinged copper.

My Take
This is my favorite eyeshadow in the collection. It’s a coppery shade and it works really well to bring out the blue in my eyes.

As far as the cream eyeshadow formula goes, it doesn’t really set on me, even on primer. That said, I have minimal creasing with it, which surprised me. (No mess a la NARS Shadow Pencil.) You can set it with a light dusting of a finishing powder. It lasted on me for 8 hours with minimal creasing.

Pumpkin & Poppy One Ring Even Star Lip Butter

Evenstar – sheer berry bronze

Evenstar lip butter was inspired by Arwen’s (Liv Tyler’s) natural beauty in LOTR. She wears a lovely berry tinged glossy lip tint in the film that inspired the color of Evenstar. Evenstar is a wearable, sheer berry bronze color that gives a natural, yet polished look to the lips. Arwen is has strong and fierce love for Aragorn, she was even willing to give up her eternal life to live together with him. She is only allowed to marry him, however, if he becomes king. She is a sad and piercing beauty, with steadfast loyalty and bravery.

Evenstar lipbutter is a new product formula to Pumpkin and Poppy. It features organic avocado an mango butters, as well as cocoa butter, jojoba oil, extra virgin coconut oil, and apricot kernal oil. It provides moisture to the lips while giving a sheer, beautiful wash of color. Perfect for everday wear! Comes with P&P signature lip flavor, vanilla flavor and spearmint essential oil!

Pumpkin & Poppy One Ring Even Star Lip Swatch

My Take
It’s a lightly tinted bronzey plum. Super moisturizing. Smells minty. Feels wonderful.
Pumpkin & Poppy One Ring Collection Swatches and Review

Pumpkin & Poppy One Ring Collection Swatches and Review

I really think the cream products are awesome. Both My Precious and Lockbearer are such rich, multi-dimensional colors. They’re really great. I also really like Archer and Wise Wizard. Lady of Light makes for a gorgeous highlighter.

Cream Eyeshadows from Pumpkin & Poppy

This is me wearing Lockbearer on the lid, My Precious in the crease, and Lady ofLight as a highlight on the browbone. You can see my tutorial here.

Wearing Cream Products Wearing Lady of Light as highlighter, Debutante as blush and Oak Bark as contour, all from Pumpkin & Poppy.

Overall, I really like the One Ring Collection and feel that it’s a fitting tribute to the Lord of the Rings. I believe some of the pieces of the collection can be purchased individually.

The full 10 piece collection is available for $66.
The collection without the solid perfume is available for $58.
Highlighter $9.75
Lip Butter $7.50
Cream Eyeshadow $8.00
Powder Eyeshadow $5

What do you think of Pumpkin & Poppy’s One Ring Collection? Are you a Lord of the Rings Fan?

Products sent for consideration. All opinions are my own.