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I wanted to wear purple for Thanksgiving, but I didn’t want just straight purple. I decided to try using striping tape. I remembered seeing an awesome Polishaholic quilted nail polish tutorial, so I used that for my inspiration.

butter london Knackered and HRH

I decied that butter London HRH would be great with Knackered layered on top.

butter london Knackered and HRH Bottles L to R – Knackered, HRH

butter london Knackered and HRH Bottles

Knackered – To be tired or exhausted. “Wow, you look knackered. What did you get up to last night?!”
HRH – Her Royal Highness

Laced Mani Tutorial 1

To begin, polish your nails with a lovely base coat. I used Cult Nails Get it On Base Coat.
Then apply your main color. I used 2 coats of butter LONDON HRH.
Wait for this to dry completely!

Laced Mani 2

After your main color has dried completely, tape one direction first, then the other. This lets you adjust the tapes to make the shapes the way you want them and also makes it easier to remove. I used my nail to gently smooth out the tape on my nail, but you could use an orange stick, too.
Then use your second color. I used butter LONDON Knackered.

Laced Mani 3

Immediately pull off the striping tape, first one side, then the other. You don’t want to let the polish dry on the tape or it will be a mess.
After the tape is off, follow by your favorite top coat. I used Glisten & Glow HK Girl.

butter LONDON Purple Laced Mani Tutorial

The results were stunning in person. I tried to capture them on camera.

butter LONDON Purple Laced Mani Tutorial

Knackered glows pink and has rainbow sparkles.

butter LONDON Purple Laced Mani Tutorial

But if you turn your hand, the color deepens to HRH.

I think this is an excellent color combination.

Would you wear this mani? What colors would you try combinging?

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