Daily archives:November 11, 2012 9:50 pm

BlogHer Survey

Hey guys, I was asked to share this survey from BlogHer with you. If you're interested in taking it, please do! Would you please take a few minutes (no more than 5) to take the BlogHer survey about watching videos online?  Your thoughts are valuable and your opinions will help BlogHer.com make better decisions about video content. Survey Link:  https://w[...]

Tidbits - Holiday Decorations

So I have to say, it has bugged me that I started to see Christmas decorations in stores in September! That's way too early for me. I feel very strongly that Halloween comes first, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas. So when you start having Christmas decorations in the store at the same time as Halloween costumes, I feel like something is very wrong. I know [...]

Bronzed Dragon Makeup Tutorial

I wanted to wear BftE Dragonslayer again. I just love this shade with my eye color! Today I mixed it with a coppery shade, Illamasqua Bronx and a teal, Illamasqua Intense. I used Inglot AMC 53 to deepen the crease. Prep the eyes with eyeshadow primer. How to Achieve the Look: Use a pencil brush to apply Inglot AMC [...]