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It’s time for another Makeup Wars! This time we’ve got Halloween Manicures for you. I have an easy Halloween Mani Tutorial for you.

Makeup Wars Halloween Manicure

  • Start by prepping the nail.
  • Push the cuticles back and trim them.
  • Buff the nails until they’re smooth.
  • Wipe the nails down with acetone to make sure you’ve removed all of your natural oils.

For my tutorial, we’re doing bats. You’ll need 2 colors – I chose Confetti My Favorite Martian (a green) and Cult Nails Nevermore (a black).

Confetti My Favorite Martian Base

Apply a base coat. I used Cult Nails Get it On Base Coat.
Apply two coats of your base color. I used Confetti My Favorite Martian.

How to do a halloween bat tutorial

To make the bats, use a short, stiff brush and make a ^ shape.


Bat Manicure Tutorial

Make a second upside down V, overlapping the inner corners.

Make Bats with V Shape


Halloween Mani with cute V Bats

Halloween Mani with cute V Bats

I thought the green was perfect for Halloween, but you could alternately do a dark blue or blurple base nail with a circular white moon and do a few bats on it.

Halloween Bats Made Easy

I’ve got a few other bats to show you.

Halloween Mani Tutorial with Bats Bats, creepy tree without leaves blowing in the wind, and a moon.

Halloween Bat Mani Or do a colony of bats!


What do you think of the bats? I love them for Halloween! Check out the rest of the Makeup Wars Halloween Manicures!

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