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This is a guest post by my friend Aleya. She has written a few posts here. She runs the beauty blog Spontaneous Chick and is very knowledgeable about laser hair removal. Since I had so many questions for her (because I would LOVE to get laser hair removal for my under arms), she offered to write a post for us!

Laser Hair Removal by Aleya(Image Credit: Clean Beauty by RAW)

I have been performing electrolysis and laser hair removal in Long Island for seven years and just moved my practice to VS1 Hair Salon.  Phyrra and I were going back and forth on facebook about what we were up to and she thought that some of you might like to get answers to your laser hair reduction questions.

Is Laser Permanent or Temporary?

Laser is permanent hair reduction and is guaranteed to deactivate 30 to 70% of your hair follicles so that the hairs don’t grow out for approximately two years. After the two year time frame, some of the hairs will grow out again but they will be thinner and sparser. To deactivate them again all you have to do is get one treatment every year to keep up the results. The only form of permanent hair removal there is, is electrolysis.

How Many Visits, On Average, Does It Take To Get The Hairs Gone?

On average you will need a total of 7 treatments to deactivate the hairs follicles. During the first four treatments you will notice that the hairs are growing in slower and some people even see the early signs of bald patterns. It’s the fifth, sixth and seventh treatments, however that you really begin to see the laser do its job and notice some larger patterns of hair-free skin.

If you have very sensitive skin or have a darker skin tone then the technician will have to lower the jewels (power) of the laser. In these cases you may need a couple of more treatments. Notice I said a couple. This means that you should not be getting something like fifteen or twenty two treatments (you’ll be amazed at how many technicians and doctors tell their clients to do this!) no matter what you’re told. If the hairs don’t go away after nine sessions, they’re not going anywhere and doing these extra treatments can actually make new, thick black hairs grow out. Your best option is to finish the job with electrolysis.

How Much Does It Cost?

Unfortunately there’s no real way for me to respond to this. I work in New York where everything is more expensive than most other states, laser being no exception. I charge $30 a session for underarms but I know someone who charges $150. You’re going to have to do some research here- ask your friends for referrals or head to Groupon, Living social and Yelp. Personally I like Yelp because you can read reviews.

If you have any other questions about laser hair reduction please feel free to comment below and I will answer them. Thank you Phyrra for giving me the opportunity to connect with your readers.

Thank you very much, Aleya!