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I just had to share Cocoa Pink‘s new collection, The Vigilante Vixens, with you! I love the concept! It’s adorable!

Cocoa Pink Halloween Vigilante Vixen Sets

Product Description
The sky fills with darkness as evil lurks this Halloween night. The Vigilante Vixens are dressed in their costumes as they head out to a Halloween party, armed with tricks and treats to fight off anything evil they might encounter. As they reach their destination they see it is in an old, seemingly abandoned house standing at the end of a cemetery. Puzzled, they make their way across the cemetery when Angelica sees a Zombie climb out of a grave and start walking towards them. She quickly grabs her gun and shoots him back into his grave. A sigh of relief. They keep making their way across the cemetery and notice a cloud of smoke swaying side to side on top of a grave. Boo, a Ghost! Not spooked at all, Genevieve quickly takes out her bundle of burning sage to chase it off. Too easy. As they approach the house Kana notices a horned Demon creature sitting atop a big dead tree on the side of the house. As he jumps down, she sprays him with Holy Water and slices him in half with her Katana. Phew! Finally as they approach the door Prudence notices a large animal sitting by the door like a guard dog. Grrrr, a Werewolf. Prudence quickly lures him to her with the goodies in her basket and then slays him with a silver bullet. Free from the beast, they knock on the door. Doesn’t look like there is much of a party here. The house is dead silent and there isn’t a soul around. A man answers the door. Pale, with coal black hair, he welcomes them in and Kit immediately raises an eyebrow. Just as he gets ready to expose his fangs, she sticks a wooden stake straight through his heart! The Vigilante Vixen’s decide to celebrate their victories and treat themselves by going out trick or treating for some sugary goodness while the night is still young.

Genevieve – Sweet, milky ghosts sway side to side intoxicated from the scent of bourbon vanilla as Genevieve is ready with a bundle of burning, smoky sage.
Notes – sweet milk, bourbon vanilla, sandalwood, burning sage & smoke

Kana – represents dexterity, strength and femininity. She scours the fields of cherry blossoms and sweet, fragrant Lychee trees to seek out bad energy. She uses her large katana and bottle of holy water to expel the demons.
Notes – holy water, teakwood, Japanese cherry blossom & Lychee fruit

Kit – is the most spirited of the bunch. She doesn’t leave home without her juicy, red pomegranate lip balm; even to stake out vampires. Around her waist, she wears a string of fresh garlic to keep the earthy, musky beasts at a distance.
Notes – wood, garlic, pomegranate, musk and cement

Prudence – Her beasts only come out during the full moon. She awaits them prepared with a basket full of fragrant strawberry shortcake and plenty of rounds of pure silver ammunition.
Notes – shortbread, sugar cookie, strawberry and wolf fur

Angelica – is an urban maiden, surrounded by hot asphalt and broken down cars leaking oil. She walks the streets armed with a .357 magnum and a heavy axe to seek out the living dead.
Notes – gun powder, cement, motor oil and vanilla musk

Sampler Body Set
Voluptuous Body Butter net wt 2 oz ~ Genevieve
Coco Mango Body Butter net wt 2 oz ~ Prudence
Linen Spray 1 fl oz ~ Kana
Ends w/ Benefits 1 fl oz ~ Kit
Soft Bubbles Scrub  net wt 2.75 oz ~ Angelica

$19.99 for the set

I’ve previously tried Black Cat in the Pumpkin Patch, Black Voodoo, MidnightHag, Vanilla Sandalwood, Gooey Caramel, and Halloween in Dublin. None of these scents suited me, sadly.

Do you like Cocoa Pink? What do you think about the Vigilante Vixens collection?