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This guest post is from a talented beauty blogger named Alexis. I love her work so I asked her if she would make us this tutorial on how to create roses on your nails. I think it’s beautiful! Her blog is XOXO Alexis Leigh.

Hi everyone! My name is Alexis and I’m extremely bad at explaining myself! In short, I’m a beauty obsessed girl with a huge supportive family I love. I never could’ve imagined how much I would love blogging, but here I am and now I can’t imagine stopping! I’m currently working towards getting my cosmetology license which is extremely exciting, but for now I’m just sharing my passion with my readers :) I hope you guys enjoy the tutorial I created!

How to draw roses on your nails

How to draw roses on your nails - Step 1 - Start with your base color

1. After you prep the nails with a base coat, paint your nails with your desired base color. I used a grey shade for this tutorial.

How to draw roses on your nails - step 2 - apply blobs

2. Using a dotting tool and your 2nd color, create misshaped “blobs.’ I used a bright blue. You can do a more subtle shade if you want less contrast.

How to draw roses on your nails - step 3  - create a U shape in the middle of blobs

3. Using a striping brush and your 3rd color, create a u shape in the middle of each blob. I used black.

How to draw roses on your nails - create more U shapes

4. Create 3 more less curved u shapes around the middle u.
5. Repeat step 4, following the pattern of the blob (but not perfectly).

How to draw roses on your nails - optional - add more dots

6. Optional Step. Using the smallest dotting tool you have or a ballpoint pen, create small dots in the empty space using your 4th and last color. I used light blue.

Rose Manicure Tutorial

Here’s how nice it looks without the dots.


Rose Manicure Tutorial

It looks great with the dots, too!


A big thank you to Alexis Leigh for this beautiful rose mani tutorial! I love it!