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Today I have an interview for you with Amy Braden from the company Tru Fragrance!

1. What led you to decide that Sandalwood would be the “It” note for Fall?

We worked with Firmenich to determine what note could best represent the change of seasons from Summer to Fall. Trees and the changing color of their leaves were the best way to describe fall. The shift from the hot steamy days of summer to the cooler crisper nights of fall also inspired us to look for a note that would create the feeling of wanting to get snuggly and cozy. Sandalwood captured those feelings both from a woody scent and a creamy nuzzling feeling on the skin. Also, in identifying Sandalwood as our hip note, it took us on a journey to better understand what has been happening to this endangered tree and share it with our fans. We have been given the opportunity to educate our HipNote audience about the need to create synthetic accords of Sandalwood for the better of our environment – showcasing that man-made oils are actually, in many cases, better than the natural ingredient.

2. Personally, I think sandalwood leans towards masculine. Did you intend for fall’s HipNote to be masculine or unisex?

Actually, Sandalwood is one of those notes that is common in both men’s and women’s fragrances. Within Women’s fragrances, the creamy sandalwood accord helps create a lingering scent on the skin. Our Fall Hipnote, is in fact a women’s scent that begins with a fresh burst of bergamot (lemon) and transitions into a floral bouquet of Jasmine and Muguet (lily). The dry down is a warm and seductive blend of Sandalwood, Amber, Musk and Whipped Vanilla.

3. What inspires you when you want to create a new fragrance?

I want to be taken on a journey when I create new fragrances. I want a fragrance to evoke a memory whether that is a certain place, time, feeling or an actual person.

4. What are your favorite scent notes to work with?

Well that actually changes quite a bit. I have always liked the floral category as I love the pretty, feminine and happy feelings they evoke in me. Jasmine, peony, and most recently Orange blossom are a few of my top picks, but what I love most is when they are combined with a woody (Sandalwood) and Musk drydown to create that long lasting, smell-it-on-my-bathrobe-the next day scent.

5. What is your all-time favorite scent?

In this business, I don’t think I could pick just one scent! If I had to chose, Coco Mademoiselle would be one of my top choices.

6. What are your favorite seasonal scents or notes?

I love the Gourmand and Chypre scents – these yummy, alluring and sensual scents are so comforting that they wrap you up in a big delicious blanket. Some of my favorites are Euphoria by Calvin Klein, Miss Dior Cherie and Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker.

7. Can you tell us about any upcoming releases from Tru Fragrance?

Sure! The Fall season is one of Tru Fragrances busiest periods with many launches planned with our retailers, including Rock Revival and Buckle Sport at The Buckle, Forever Charmed and So Smitten at Charming Charlie’s, Crush at Styles for Less and RSQ for her at Tilly’s, just to name a few!

And within many of those brands, Sandalwood is included in their fragrance!

Charming Charlie’s So Smitten is a fruity floral complimented with a lovely Sandalwood drydown.

Crush by Styles for Less is a sweet floral fragrance with a hint of gourmand and sandalwood .

Tilly’s RSQ for Her is this Juicy fragrance which blends apples, exotic flowers and sensual woods, including Sandalwood.

Sandalwood is a very versatile ingredient that really compliments the fruity and floral notes of all these fragrances.

Should be a very exciting Fall for Tru!

Thank you very much for letting me interview you, Amy!