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Urban Decay is having a pretty nice sale right now! I had the impression that they were going to discontinue all of their lipsticks when I didn’t see them at Sephora recently. I was right! They’re probably reformulating them or something. This sale was the motivation I needed to pick up lipsticks in Midnight Cowboy and Confession, and a vintage Minx eyeshadow. I also grabbed Kush (a green eyeshadow).

In the lipstick shades that are left, I own Gash and Oil Slick. Oil Slick is a great one for layering.

In the vintage eyeshadows I recommend:
Half-baked, Eldorado, Free Love, Midnight Cowgirl, Cherry, Sellout and Twice-Baked. I’m sure Minx will be great, too.

There are also several palettes on sale, too!