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The awesome people at Too Faced were kind and sent me over some of their 3 Way Lining Tool Tutorials. I really like the Fashion style!


The different liner styles take into account different eye shapes and how to apply the liner to be most flattering to that eye shape.

The 3rd one in this set is my favorite. These styles seem to work well with hooded/deepset eyes and I really want to try it out soon.

I really love where the emphasis is placed on the liner in the classic look for this set.

The third one in this set is my favorite because of the double liner.

You can check out my review and swatches of the Too Faced 3 Way Lash Lining Tool here if you haven’t seen it.

My most exciting look with it so far is my Sea Siren Tutorial.

My Penguin Black & White Challenge might be a close second.

What do you think of the Too Faced Tutorials? Would you give any of them a whirl?

Images courtesy of Too Faced. All opinions are my own.