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When dressing for the airport, I try to dress in such a way that I won’t be harassed by the TSA. I’ve had several bad experiences with the TSA, so I try to minimize any reason for harassment. I didn’t bring my laptop. I brought my kindle fire. I wore a very comfortable pair of light cotton capri pants in the color grey, along with my pink Hello Kitty shirt. I wore my Hello Kitty jacket, because I always get cold on the plane. I even wore a sports bra so that there would be no underwire to deal with. I wore my Umburto Raffini Nicola sandals. I also had on my big glittery star earrings.

This was apparently good.  I was complimented by members of the TSA staff and told that I looked like a member of Jem and the Holograms. This made me smile.

I hate flying. I get so anxious about being on the plane. I feel like I can’t breathe. I feel like I’m packed into too tiny of a space with too many people. Thankfully, Ray helped me stay calm. Unfortunately, we were on the roughest, bumpiest flight that I’ve experienced in 10 years. I do have to say though, I enjoyed flying Southwest. It was the fastest boarding and deboarding I’ve ever dealt with. The seats were reasonably comfortable. My flight home was way smoother.