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Andrea of Evil Shades has released a new collection called Morbidly Beautiful. It’s a lovely dark collection, really perfectly dark and gothic.

(Image Credit: Evil Shades)

$2.00 – sample shadow
$6.50 – full size shadow
$10.50 – pro size shadow
$2.00 – sample gloss
$4.50 – migi gloss
$6.00 – full size gloss

Dancing with Death – Shrouded black base set afire with pink, teal, green, blue and purple sparkle.
Date with Death Glitter – Date with Death is a .004 glitter loaded with black holographic ploy glitter accented with silver, pink, red, magenta and teal all with a light base to help this sparkling devil adhere.
Death – Black base with a deep blue toned violet hovering over the darkness and magenta shimmer.
Death Song – Foreboding darkest night black with an eruption of metallic pink sparkle.
Death Wish – Ominous blackened emerald with silvery blue shimmer and Gold, violet,and blue flecks.
Hell Fire – Nefarious black base with luminous yellow shimmer and red/orange flecks

Sweet Kiss of Death – moisturizing opaque black base with a spectrum of colored flecks ascending from the depths. (Lightly flavored with a sweet coffee scent)

I really love the looks of Death and Death Song.

Do you see anything in this new dark collection that catches your attention?