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I was debating on how to do this and I decided I’d break it up into two posts. First post is the Deceptive collection itself, swatches and review. Second post will be pictures from the Photoshoot on Saturday.

Cult Nails Deceptive Collection

L to R: Doppelganger – Charlatan – Two Timer – Deception – Alter Ego. I also included Nevermore because it’s perfect for layering.

The Cult Nails Deceptive collection is made up of 5 colors – Doppelganger, Charlatan, Two Timer, Deception and Alter Ego. It’s a 5 piece set of top coats that look innocent enough in the bottle, but they really transform whatever polish you layer them over.



Two Timer


Alter Ego

For all of the nail wheel swatches I did 1 coat of Cult Nails Nevermore, then 1 coat of the color on top. For the right swatch, I did 2 coats of the top coat.

On top of black polish, Doppelganger has a lot of green, blue and red sparkles (to my eyes). It’s got a slightly dusty quality. On its own, it’s a white polish with red, green, pink and blue sparkles.

Next we have Charlatan. This beauty is AMAZING layered over Nevermore. I see rich purple, violet, pink, aqua and blue. It’s mesmerizing. On its own, it’s a pretty soft pink with pink and blue sparkles. If you only get one polish from this collection, this would be the one to grab. I love it.

You get a second swatch of Charlatan. I love it.

Deception reminds me of black cherries when its on top of Nevermore. It’s sort of subtle, pink and red, and has a lit from within look. On its own it’s slightly pink.

Alter Ego makes me think of a dragon’s eye when it’s on top of Nevermore. It’s a gorgeous bronze/gold/copper on top of black. It’s more of a subtle golden-copper shade on its own.

Two Timer is a brilliant green on top of Nevermore. On its own, it’s a glowy green with a hint of yellow.

This is Cult Nails Let Me Fly, a shimmery teal, with Alter Ego on every nail aside from the ring finger, which is Two Timer.

Two Timer

This is a really fun and unusual collection.

My absolute favorite is Charlatan but I adore Alter Ego and Deception too.

You can see my 2 additional Cult Nails Deception Manicures and video here.

Teaser of Charlatan on top of Nevermore.

You can see pictures from the Cult Nails Photoshoot here.

The Cult Nails Deceptive Collection will go on sale September 1st.
From September 1st to September 8 you can pick up the entire collection of 5 colors for $40 (so getting 1 color for free).
From September 9 on, they will be full price and available individually.

I’m excited by the possibilities with these polishes!

Which ones are your favorites?

Cult Nails is cruelty-free. Products sent for consideration. All opinions are my own.