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Recently I had the opportunity to try out a brand new indie company, Pretty Serious! It’s by the lovely Kaz from Pretty-Random. Pretty Serious is a cruelty-free and vegan company. They make eyeshadows, nail polish and lip glosses. This is the inaugural collection, Hello World!

All products are vegan and cruelty-free.

The packaging is pretty darn adorable!

BSOD sheer gloss, eyeshadow, nail polish

Tux sheer gloss, eyeshadow

Morning Java nail polish, eyeshadow

CGA eyeshadow

Forbidden Fruit eyeshadow

VT100 eyeshadow

$9.95 AUD for 5.5g of gloss
$9.95 AUD for 11 ml of polish
$9.95 for 5g eyeshadow

Shipping Rates:
USA – $9.95
UK – $9.95
Canada – $12.95
Australia – $7.95
New Zealand – $14.95
Rest of the World – $17.95

Eyeshadows are swatched on top of Meow Light Primer.

Forbidden Fruit
Sparkle! Shimmer! Shine! You got it! Forbidden Fruit is a delicate white shade that works well as a highlight, but also stands up well on its own. Go on, take a bite!
My Take:
Shimmery white with hints of aqua, pink and gold micro sparks.

Is it pink? Is it purple? Beautiful CGA dances the fine line between the two. Packed with shimmer and an amazing turquoise sparkle, this shade is sure to turn heads! Adapt your palette and take this one home today!
My Take:
Pigmented pinky-purple with bright aqua sparkles.

We hope you’ll find this electrifying blue with turquoise shimmer a lot less troublesome than its namesake!
My Take:
Vivid, saturated turquoise blue with coordinating shimmer.

An inky blackened green with iridescent blue sparkle, Tux is every bit as beautiful as a tiny fairy penguin swimming in the sunlight! Well… almost!
My Take:
Deep blackened green base with vivid blue sparkles.

Gorgeous, vibrant and packed with gold and green sparkle, VT100 is the green of your dreams! So fabulous, your friends will be ‘terminal’ with jealousy and dying to ’emulate’ your style!
My Take:
Grassy green with gold and green shimmer.

Morning Java
Rich and decadent like the first cuppa of the morning! Morning Java is a beautiful golden copper bursting with golden sparkle.
My Take:
Rich, velvety brown with brown, copper and gold sparkles.

Nail Polish

All your friends will stop and stare at this beautiful blue jelly packed to bursting with blue glitter. Don’t make the critical error of passing this one up!
My Take:
Drop dead gorgeous blue jelly with blue glitter.

Morning Java
Rich coffee brown with golden bronze flecks, this polish is bound to speak your language!
My Take:
Deep bronzey brown with golden flecks. I could have gotten by with just one coat of this one!


Beautiful, subtle and sparkly, our sheer sparkle glosses are totally wearable and definitely delicious! BSOD boasts a scentsational raspberry flavour paired with twinkling blue and aqua sparkle in a sheer blue base.
My Take:
Sheer blue with blue sparkles.

Beautiful, subtle and sparkly, our sheer sparkle glosses are totally wearable and definitely delicious! Tux is a fabulous colour shifting sheer green with twinkling green and purple glitter flecks and a splash of boysenberry flavour!
My Take:
Sheer smoky grey with blue-violet and green sparks.

My Blue Screen of Death and Ponies Look

Wearing BSOD sheer gloss on top of Illamasqua pencil in Bait.

The eyeshadow jars are huge! It seems like there’s a ton of product inside them. They actually say 5 g net, which makes me think that there’s 5 grams of product inside where a typical indie shadow can vary from 1 g to 2.5 g

I love the packaging, both the outer boxes and the embossed purple lids with the silver Pretty Serious logo. They feel sturdy. Plus, they’re purple. How could I not love them?

The eyeshadows themselves are very shimmery with complex sparkles. They’re not boring shades in the slightest. They wore all day for me on top of primer without any creasing.

The glosses are sheer. I’m not a fan of sheer glosses, but BSOD is very versatile. I wore it on top of a hot pink pencil and as you can see it cooled it to more of a violet shade. My only complaint with this packaging is that it seems like it’s hard to get the gloss to come out. These were my least favorite of the products I tried. However, the website does clearly state that they’re sheer glosses, so it’s really just my personal preference.

The polish is really pretty. Neither shades are your average blue or brown. I love that Morning Java is a complex bronze-gold-brown. I was impressed that it had pretty full coverage in one coat on my nail wheel. BSOD is a jelly, but it only took 2 coats for it to be what I’d wear. I didn’t test the wear time on these, but as Kaz is an avid nail polish lover, I’m betting the wear time will be good.

I personally think this is an awesome launch for a new indie company! Kaz did a great job! Also, it’s another Australian brand, so I think that will please those of you who want to support a local company in Australia. I’m also very happy that they’re cruelty-free and vegan.


What do you think of Pretty Serious Hello World? Do you see any must haves?

Products sent for consideration. All opinions are my own.