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Today was my third and final appointment with HydroDog for Phaedra and Max. The first appointment I made with them was back in April and the groomer was relatively on time for that first one. For the second appointment, the groomer was late. I figured not a big deal, these things happen on occasion. She also ran out of water and asked me what she should do about it. In my opinion, she should be turning to her boss to ask where she can refill her tank for her truck. This started to make me feel like HydroDog was a bit sketchy and unprofessional.

Today’s appointment was set for 3pm. The groomer called to say that she’d be late, again. She showed up at 3:45

hydrodog mobile grooming tampa

Now, on Sunday, I received a spam email from the company saying ‘We miss you.’ It had no unsubscribe link. It also didn’t check in the system to see that I already had an appointment scheduled. I emailed the company back and said that this was not in compliance with the FTC, please unsubscribe me, rather than just filing a report. I also said in my message that it reflects poorly on the company to have employees who are perpetually late and it impacts my schedule in a negative fashion.

The company representative called me back and left me a message that basically stated ‘the email you didn’t like was an automated message, I changed the date from 45 days to 65 days. I talked to the groomer about her lateness and it’s raining, and of course you know we can’t help with that. It take a lot longer to groom dogs when it’s humid and raining out. So she’s doing the best she can but that’s just the nature of the business when it comes to mobile. We try to do the best we can with scheduling but there are things that we cannot account for. The groomer would be happy to reschedule if that would be better for you and if you have time. Or, you could make your appointment the very first one of the day and then you never have to worry about her being late. Those are some options and if you need to talk to me here’s my number.’

So I called her back because I wanted to explain that even if it’s an automated message, it’s still got to be FTC compliant.
I also said, ‘I also wanted to let you know that I understand it’s raining and that sometimes people will be late, but if the groomer is late 2 out of 3 appointments, it gives the appearance that she’s always going to late. That could mean the scheduling isn’t being done correctly. It could also mean that if they’re running that far behind someone needs to be rescheduled. Regardless, I don’t want to set a precedent that it’s acceptable to always be late for appointments with me.’
She said, ‘well, that’s just the nature of the mobile business.’
And I said, ‘well, then I probably need to take my business elsewhere.’

  • I don’t think it’s ok to always be late. Everyone might be late once in a while, due to unforseen circumstances. If you’re perpetually late, you know why you’re late.
  • I don’t think it’s ok to schedule appointments so closely together so that your groomers are always late.
  • I don’t think it’s ok to brush off a customer’s valid concerns over making sure that they’re not signed up for a mailing list that they didn’t subscribe to. I had no email confirmation from the company that I’d been removed from such mailings.  Additionally, I went to the extra effort to let you know that it wasn’t FTC compliant, and you just brushed that off.
  • I don’t think that if I had rescheduled that the groomer would have been on time for the rescheduled appointment, either.

I don’t feel that my time was valued. I definitely don’t feel that I was valued as a customer. I’m really disappointed in my experiences with HydroDog.

How would you feel about this experience if it were you?

Edit: The manager sent me an email to try and work out this issue.