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I purchased some Evil Shades samples a while back and meant to swatch them sooner, as they contained some of the colors from the Hunger Games Inspired collection, Catching Fire. So I have several shades to show off here today!

As always, colors can be subjective. This is how I see the shades. The colors are swatched on top of Meow Light Primer.

Girl on Fire
Warm firey metallic red base with molten flecks of gold and red sparkle
My Take
Lovely metallic red with red and gold sparks.

A bold, bright pink satiny base with sparks of gold, silver and fuschia
My Take
Very pretty bubblegum pink with gold and silver sparks.

The Arena
Soft warm earth base with a subtle copper orange glow and flickering green and gold shimmer
My Take
Light golden tan with copper, green and gold sparks.

The City
cold metallic silver base lit up with black and pink holographic glitter
My Take
Metallic silver with black and pink glitter.

Faerie Dance
Bold cobalt blue with aqua sparkles dancing throughout
My Take
Vibrant cobalt blue with aqua blue sparks.

Faerie Secrets
Medium brown with grassy green shimmer
My Take
Midtone brown with green sparks.

Bittersweet Symphony
Bright peach with green and gold shimmer
My Take
Vibrant peach with orange undertones and gold sparks.

soft peachy shade with golden shimmer
My Take
Warm toned peachy-pink with gold sparks

Chocolate brown base with Copper shimmer
My Take
Deep velvety chocolate brown with copper and gold sparks

I’m really happy with the shades I picked up. I love the Girl on Fire red because it’s so vibrant. I’m looking forward to playing around with Seraphic.

Samples – $1.75
Full Size –  $5
Pro – $9

To the best of my knowledge Evil Shades is cruelty-free.

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