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I’d wanted to change my hair up for a while now, but I’ve been sick so I didn’t want to breathe in any chemicals. Finally yesterday evening I decided I’d be brave and lighten my hair.

As you remember, my hair was:

So I used Ion Sensitive Scalp 40 developer with Blue Tonal Powder Lightener to lighten my hair. Here I am in between colors, after I’ve lightened.

After thinking about my hair cut and how I wanted the color, I planned out 3 sections of color. On the back of my head, lower part of my hair, I wanted purple. On the top of my hair I wanted Fuchsia Shock. Around the majority of my hair I wanted Atomic Turquoise. I did a sort of starburst pattern to gather up the hair for the top knot section.

I wasn’t sure if the Fuchsia Shock would be a bleeder (OMG it is) so I wanted to make sure that whatever I used as the top color would mix well with Atomic Turquoise. When you combine reddish-pink and blue you end up with purple, so I knew I’d be happy if that happened.

I liked my new hair, but I felt like the Fuchsia Shock was competing too much with my eyes, so I decided to add more Atomic Turquoise to the front section and a bit on the side, basically making it dark purple in those places.

I’m quite happy with my hair now!

Really you could get away with using just Manic Panic Atomic Turquoise and Fuchsia Shock for this look. You could mix the two shades together for the back of my hair (I used up some leftover purple that I had in a jar that was Ultra Violet, Purple Haze and a Punky Color purple).

I really love the darker band of purple near the front. I think my hair looks pretty awesome.

I need to point out that Ray was really awesome. He applied the lightener all over my hair. He also helped me apply the color exactly where I wanted it, since it’s not always easy to see the back of my head on my own. When I re-did the section of color today, I was on my own, but I wouldn’t have gotten it to look like this without Ray helping me last night.

Manic Panic is, of course, cruelty-free.

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