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So I was thinking today about the Urban Decay Build Your Own Palette that I built when their customizable palettes came out.

For my first palette, I purchased Mushroom, Cobra, Gravity, Haight and Radium. I loved the colors. I also unexpectedly fell in love with Walk of Shame. It’s a great matte skintone shade for me.

So I thought about what other colors I’d put into a palette if I was building another one and these are what I came up with.

I chose Midnight Cowgirl because I do love the original and it can work as an all over wash of color, a lid shade, or a highlight. I chose Freelove because I think it looks amazing with my eye color and I keep wanting to wear it all the time these days. I chose Woodstock because it’s the brightest pink that UD makes and it’s a fun color. I chose Half-Baked because it’s another color that I think looks amazing with my eyes. I chose Fishnet because it’s a duotone and it’s fun to wear with gold or pink or black. I chose Blackout because it’s a matte black and can be used to contour or line or smoke out a color.

The third palette I put together has 3 shades that I own in the new formula: Pistol, Mildew and Shattered. I added X because it’s a peach gold duotone, which I think would be flattering with my eyes. I chose Asyphxia because I just had a chance to swatch the new formula at Sephora’s and the color payoff is SO GOOD now! It’s also a duotone. They’re calling it hyacinth with a blue shift. Finally, I chose S&M because it’s a steel grey with a subtle taupe shift to add depth.

If you were to build your own palettes, what colors would you choose and why? Do you like duotones? As you can tell, I’ve added all the duotone shades that Urban Decay makes to my palettes.