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I’ve often been asked why I like to support indie. I choose to support indie products because I like buying custom made products. I like supporting small businesses. I like the feeling of community. Here in Tampa, I choose independent mom and pop stores over big chains when I have the choice. Online I prefer to choose Indie, too. While Meow, Morgana Cryptoria, Fyrinnae, BftE and Evil Shades have been gateways for makeup, Etsy has been a gateway for jewelry, clothing, and other things, such as dog collars. I can be happy that I’m helping some mother or father pay for their little girl’s ballet lessons. I can be happy that I’m helping a couple pay for their special night out. I can be happy that I’m helping someone follow through with their dream.

I know I want to continue to follow through with my dream of writing full-time. I’m happy doing what I can to help others achieve their dream.

I’m also happy with the product quality and color selection, especially for foundations, which had been difficult for me in the past. Add in that usually handmade, indie products cost less than department store and that’s a nice bonus too.

Why do you buy indie? What do you like or dislike about indie? What companies do you feel are indie that sometimes end up being debated?