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Here’s what happened this week with me and Phaedra! Lots of stuff going on. I managed to break my toe on Wednesday. Not fun.

Phaedra is worn out from this past week!

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Phaedra got to play with her bichon frise friend, Cosette

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Tell me about your week! And do you have any plans this weekend?

We’re doing Shat-fest. Shat-fest is a movie festival held in honor of William Shatner. Everyone who attends is supposed to bring  the cheesiest, worst movie ever and subject everyone else to it. It’s where I’ve seen such gems as Jesus Christ Vampire Slayer, or Night of the Lepus. Though to be fair, I laughed my ass off while watching JCVS. Basically, it’s hang out with our friends and the dogs and MST3K bad movies.