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Boscia Super-Cool De-Puffing Eye Balm Review

This is a guest review written by my friend Kelly, aka WhimsyBeading. I recently purchased the Boscia Super Cool De-Puffing Eye Balm after seeing it advertised in a “new arrivals” email from Sephora. It’s currently a Sephora exclusive product, which doesn’t bother me much, since I don’t need much of an excuse to visit my local Sephora! I was intrigued by an eye product in balm form, and the “super cool” part sounded right up my street since my eyes have been very dry and irritated lately. I figured I’d have little to lose, since I’m now over 35 and have never found my holy grail eye moisturizer product. My eyelids are so oily that putting additional moisturizers on my eyes have been much more hit than miss. Maybe the balm would be a good compromise between an eye cream and well, nothing. […]

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Tidbits – Skin Woes

My skin has been moody recently. I feel like sometimes there is only one constant with my skin... sensitive. My t-zone is often oily, but my cheeks can get dry. Recently my forehead above the brows felt dry and scaly, no matter how much I exfoliated. If I just washed my face and used no [...]

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Nicki Minaj Look

Check out my 'Get the Look - Nicki Minaj' over at My Beauty Bunny!

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Fyrinnae Isis and Nemesis

Since I just received my Fyrinnae Lip Lustres in Isis and Nemesis I received a flood of tweets and emails asking to swatch immediately. I did send a teaser image on my Instagram. […]

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Meow Cosmetics End of Days Collection Review

I have had this collection for far too long in my review pile and I am kicking myself for not getting to it sooner. This is the Meow Cosmetics End of Days Collection. So many of these colors just wow’d me, and that’s not easy to do these days. Ragnarok, Armageddan, Hopeless and Planet X… Wow. these are all swatched on Meow Light Primer. […]

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Dorian and Dahl Original Blend Femme Fatale Review

A while back I had the opportunity to try out Dorian and Dahl perfumes, created by my friend Erin. Today I'm reviewing an original blend called Femme Fatale. I should remind you that perfume is very subjective. Everyone's body chemistry affects how a perfume works differently. What wears well on me may not wear well [...]

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Beauty Bloggers of Central Florida May Meetup

On Saturday May 19, 2012 the Beauty Bloggers of Central Florida had another fun meetup. This time we were at Crave restaurant in Orlando. We capped the meetup at 25 lovely ladies. […]

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