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Last night I decided that I wanted to change up my hair and I had 3 jars of dye: Manic Panic Electric Lava, Fuchsia Shock and Hot Hot Pink.

After looking at my hair with all the different colors I had, I decided I’d try to lighten the top section of my hair which was dark and had a permanent dark purple/black on it from several months ago. I used Manic Panic’s Flashlighting bleach kit for 30 minutes on the top section of my hair and the two longest parts on each side in the back. On the parts of my hair that had no permanent dark dye, it lightened up to a light blonde. The darkened parts of my hair lightened up to a turquoise shade.

Because of this, I opted to not use all 3 colors I purchased and instead put Manic Panic Hot Hot Pink over all of it. I thought it would work well with the blue, purple and pink tones in my hair.

I had Ray take pictures of my hair out in direct sunlight, you can see how vibrant certain sections are.

This is in indirect sunlight outdoors.

I’m wearing Revlon Colurburst Lip butter in Lollipop on my lips. I dusted a bit of Illamasqua pressed foundation in 115 on my face and that’s it.

My left eye is bothering me so I’m doing hot compresses on it and avoiding makeup.

I love the variation in color in my hair.

What do you think of the color?

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