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Recently I fell in love with the Color Club Color Wild at Heart and decided to purchase it through Linda’s Variety Store on Ecrater. A nightmare ensued. When I received my polish, it was broken. It had been packaged in a flimsy, thin bubble wrap envelope, about 1/2 the thickness of what I normally use to mail out packages.

I immediately contacted the seller and sent her the above picture of the broken polish. She told me to ship it back to her. I contacted USPS and UPS, both of which told me that shipping a broken nail polish bottle is hazardous and against the law. I told her this, and she still told me to ship it back. So I filed a claim with PayPal.

PayPal found in my favor but wanted me to ship the bottle to her. So I called PayPal on the phone and patiently explained that it is illegal to ship a broken nail polish bottle through the mail, according to USPS and UPS. PayPal apologized profusely for this issue and refunded me the money. They canceled the claim against Linda’s Variety Store, but said that the black mark against the store would remain.

This is a situation where Linda’s Variety Store should have known the laws with asking me to mail back a broken bottle of polish. It is illegal to mail a broken nail polish bottle. It’s considered hazardous. She should have packaged the nail polish better, because you can see how flimsy the packaging was in the image above.

As a business owner, she should have wanted to make this situation right. I would have been happy with a refund or if she had re-sent the polish (better packaged this time), as I still want the polish. She did neither. As such, be careful if you purchase from her, lest you run into the same situation that I just did.

As far as PayPal is concerned, I’m disappointed that whoever read my case information didn’t actually read the details closely enough to see things like ‘illegal to ship hazardous material’, to look at the link I provided to the USPS website, or to look at the image of broken nail polish that I provided.

However, PayPal did make things right by immediately refunding me the money and apologizing for having not read my case information closely enough.

My lesson? Be very careful when purchasing through ecrater. Thank God I paid with PayPal, because a single phone call made the situation right and I got my money back.

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