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Phaedra and Max are very much an odd couple. They offer each other doggie companionship but they speak very different dog languages. Their bodies are built quite differently so I think they sometimes miss cues with each other on what they like or don’t like. Max doesn’t have much of a neck, for example. It’s ironic, because dogs are masters at understanding human body language since they evolved alongside us.

My two little ‘monsters’ the night before their most recent grooming. Inside you’ll see what looks like a brand new dog with Phaedra, and an extremely squeaky clean pug with Max! Also, you’ll learn about HydroDog, the mobile grooming service that I used yesterday.

Phaedra is colorblocking like a pro with her neutral white fur and pops of yellow and blue. She’s wearing yellow bows on her ears and blue doggie nail polish on her toes.

I really like the above picture of Max.

Pugs are so photogenic.

Lasers fully charged!

For Phaedra and Max’s grooming yesterday, we tried out the mobile grooming service called HydroDog. It’s a franchise mobile grooming service that comes to your home to groom your dogs. While they don’t really offer much in the way of a discount even if you book multiple appointments, I like the convenience of having them come to my home.

The groomer arrived in a pickup truck with HydroDog branding and the grooming pod on the back. The grooming pod was surprisingly roomy, had a door that was split in half so the top half could be open for the dogs to look out while the grooming was going on.

The pod itself is self-sufficient. It has its own water, electricity, etc, basically everything needed for grooming within it. The groomer just parks in your driveway and goes at it.

The groomer decided to take Max first, since he would be relatively easy. She bathed him, dremeled his nails, cleaned his wrinkle folds, expressed his anal glands, all the ‘fun’ stuff. He came out smelling like tropical flowers and spazzing out and wasn’t traumatized. He sometimes gets upset when he goes to the groomer but this wasn’t one of them.

She then took Phaedra back for grooming. She started off by shaving Phaedra down first. Then she gave her a medicated bath, basically with soothing stuff for sensitive skin. Then she shaved her again. This actually prevented any razor burn from occurring, so I was pretty impressed. She cleaned out her ears, trimmed her paws, and then decided to paint Phaedra’s nails with doggie nail polish. I was amused because Phaedra hasn’t had her nails painted in a long time. She gave her little bows to finish her off.

She did a great job with making Phaedra’s poofs round. She made sure not to take too much off the top. It always bugs me when they remove too much of her top knot. That didn’t happen this time. It was the groomer’s first time doing a cocker cut for the ears, and she probably could have blended a little more, but I do think they look pretty good.

I typically want Phaedra to be groomed every 6 to 7 weeks. One thing that annoys me about HydroDog is even if I book in advance, they want an appointment every 4 weeks for a discount. Considering that getting Phaedra groomed is just over $100 (Max is smaller, less work, so he’s only $44), I’m not going to do it any often than I feel is necessary. However, I’d happily book out the next 4 appointments for her at 6 week intervals.

Regardless, I felt like the groomer did a good job, so I did book another appointment for Phaedra and Max, though I asked for 6 weeks out and after checking the calendar she only made it for 5 weeks out. I should have checked on my own before agreeing.

HydroDog seems like a nice service because of the convenience of having someone come to your home and groom your dog, but I’m not sure I like certain things about it. They mentioned a multi-dog discount, but I’m not sure if that was applied. They mentioned a discount for booking multiple appointments, but because I want to do 6 weeks instead of 4 weeks, I won’t qualify.

After my next appointment with them, I’ll let you know more about it.

Have you heard of HydroDog? Is HydroDog available in your area?

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