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In 2012, hair is set to explode. Literally. The former popular styles of ombre and natural braids are starting to fade into the background while some new cutting edge trends are beginning to make themselves known. These trends are not your everyday variety and most experts are predicting that 2012 will be a year of radical change for many women. Maybe it’s just a sign of the times or it could be a snapshot for an even bigger picture, but the cutting edge styles that are making it onto magazine covers and on the heads of fashionable women are much more adventurous than in previous years.


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If there’s one simple truth about cutting edge hair in 2012, it’s that bigger is certainly better. One of the early big styles that is poised to take center stage is smooth waves. Bringing back retro memories of Veronica Lake as well as the recent success of The Artist in movie theaters, tons of women are looking to this style to bring some volume back into their hair. The good thing about this cutting edge look is that it isn’t so hard to make it a reality. Using some sculpting foam, you can give it an upside-down blow dry to get the maximum volume and then fix it in place with some standard pin curls. When you brush it out, the waves will be perfectly formed and will last for many hours.


Although the smooth waves will be a great style for women that already have medium to long hair, the pixie cuts that have been popular in the last few years have left many with a pretty short head of hair. Not surprisingly, one of the biggest cutting edge hairstyles of 2012 will be sported by the countless women who are growing out a pixie or other short cut.

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The result is a shag cut that has texture in spades. Stylists will be using a combination of razor cuts and uneven snips to create the impression of a self-cut style that is incredibly low maintenance and can fit any occasion.


The shag and smooth waves will be big this year, but no style can equal the sheer size of the frizzy cuts that will be in fashion this spring and summer. In the question of go big or go home, many long-haired women are choosing the former and taking it to the limit.


Granted, the big frizz styles will require a decent bit more work on a daily basis, but the attention drawn on the street will be directly proportional to the effort put into the hairstyle. For the best frizz, a paddle brush can be used to brush the full length of the hair and bring out the biggest volume possible for the cutting edge look. To give it a soft texture instead of appearing like it’s held in place by several cans of hair spray, use light oil that will keep it fixed just as good, but without the heavy look.