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I don’t typically post anything related to ‘diet’ on my blog because I don’t ever like to hear the term ‘diet’ and I don’t want to contribute to anyone having negative self-image. I don’t ‘diet’ per se, but I do make changes do my lifestyle and what I’m doing has impacted how my body feels for the better. So I consider this more of a lifestyle post.

Please only read if you’re comfortable with discussing a health oriented website . If not, please skip :)

I’ve stopped eating junk food because my body doesn’t feel good when I do it. Now, this doesn’t stop me from having the rare Cadbury Creme Egg or other holiday item; it just means it’s not a monthly occurrence for me. It might be fine for other people, which is cool, but not for me. I eat a ton of blueberries. I have cut out a ton of processed foods and try to eat mostly fresh fruits and veggies because it’s what works for me. What works for me may not work for you. If I can’t find fresh, I use frozen. I try canned veggies from time to time and usually end up disappointed in the flavor, as well as the high amount of sodium.

I don’t eat very much animal protein. When I do, I opt for cheese, fish, turkey or chicken. I eat cheese more than anything else in that category.  Instead I mostly rely on plant protein (but not soy, because I’m allergic to it, boo), such as seitan, chickpeas or black beans. Doing this has had an immensely positive impact in how I feel.

I also go between drinking no caffeine at all and drinking way too much Coke Zero. I need to find a happy medium between water and some Coke Zero. I occasionally drink diet green tea. I don’t drink coffee. If I drink juice, which isn’t too often, I only drink 100% juice. I’ve started making smoothies recently with 100% juice, bananas and random frozen fruit. I’ve not been brave enough to try a green one yet!

I’m a super chocolate and ice cream fiend. I love dark chocolate, chocolate cake, sea salt and caramel with chocolate… I could go on and on. However, none of that is good for me to have all the time, so I’ve turned to sugar free jello chocolate pudding to cure my craving, sometimes with raw cacao nibs sprinkled in it.

The siteI’ve been using recently is called SlimKicker. I urge you to look past the name, because I don’t like the name, but I like the site. The name makes it sound like it’s all about losing weight, and that’s not how I see it. I see it as a useful health site. You can earn points through logging your food, doing challenges and more. I don’t like that the points are called Slim Points. I would rather see the points called Health Points, aka HP, as more of a nod to video games. The goal of this website is to level yourself up to a healthier you.


Anyway, one of my lovely readers pointed me at this website as she created with friends to turn being healthy into a webgame. She’d been working on it for over a year!

It makes it easy to track what you’re eating. It offers suggestions if you’re looking for ways to improve what you’re eating or what you’re doing for physical activity. It offers challenges to make things fun.


I like the variety of challenges and that you can filter by challenge type. For example, they have emotional challenges:

They also have Giveaway Challenges for prizes, which I’m sure will be quite popular!

I particularly like that they have forums. You can request features and give them feedback on the site, which is great. This means that I’ve given them feedback about the difficulty I’ve had in adding recipes of my own.

When you add a food, it gives you points and gives you tips about different food related issues. For example, when I added my breakfast, it gave me +4 points ‘ate whole grains over refined grains’ and then gave me a tip of ‘Dinner leftovers make the best lunches. If that’s not an option, though, pack an assortment of vegetables, like carrots and broccoli, hummus dip, trail mix and a couple hard-boiled eggs.’

The site also offers recipes (and more) on their blog, like this Pomegranate and Ginger Glazed Salmon. It sounds delicious!

I know that there are always jokes made about the level treadmill in MMOs and other games, but I think it’s nice to see it incorporated into a site about you, so you can watch yourself ‘level up’ to a new you.

I like the idea of using games to make things like changing your lifestyle or working towards a healthier you fun and engaging, rather than boring.

I believe you can be healthy at any weight, and that what is healthy for one person may not work for another. That’s why it’s very important to have an open dialogue with your doctor to determine what’s best for you.

Every year, I get bloodwork done to see where I’m at with my health. My doctor was very pleased this year with my cholesterol levels and ratio, my weight, etc, so this shows me that the changes I’ve made in my life have had a positive impact on my health.

Do you like using games to help motivate you to do things? Do you like sites like LiveStrong or SlimKicker? What about using video games like wii Fit or Zumba?

I have nothing to disclose.