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Today’s Quickie is with The All Natural Face, a vegan cosmetics and bath company. These are the swatches from my ‘to process’ folder that I’ve needed to work through with a while.

$3.50 for a 5 gram jar
$6.50 for a 10 gram jar
$.35 cents for a sample
$5.75 gel eyeliner
$4.00 for the Fix eyeshadow spray

Shade Descriptions:
Antiqued Gold Gel Liner – A rich glittering taupe. A dark almost green-y gold like antiqued gold gets as it ages This is not green dont be scared it is a gold just a deep muted one. (from the website)
Pink Ice Storm – shimmery light pink
Purple Ice Storm – shimmery light purple
Iridescent Pink – Foiled, this shade is crazy hot pink with a duo chrome violet flash. With a solid primer, it is more subdued, a little less metallic, and a little less bright pink. There is also a hint of purple to this pink. (from the website)
The Tempest – deep purple
Fireball Fuchsia – pink
Angel Kissed White Gold – a neutral light gold
Creme Brulee – creamy beige with a hint of gold
Warm Honey – warm gold
Antique Silver – metallic silver

So my feelings are mixed on The All Natural Face. They make some nice products, but I feel their color descriptions to be inaccurate by my standards.

For the gel liner, I was extremely disappointed in the color because it comes across as green / khaki to me, not antique gold. I was really expecting it to be more gold, less green, based on the color description. When I think antique gold, I think of a gold with more of a bronze base than a green base. I really didn’t picture a khaki shade.

I was disappointed with Iridescent pink, because it looks purple. It doesn’t live up to its name.

I was disappointed with Warm Honey. I expected it to be more gold, less brown. It’s too brown for my taste.

Fireball Fuchsia and Creme Brulee were nice.

I really liked Pink Ice Storm, Purple Ice Storm, Antique Silver and Angel Kissed White Gold.

I liked the Fix spray, but after trying the MAC Fix + spray, I feel the MAC Fix + is longer lasting.

Ok so the other thing I do not like about The All Natural Face is their website. Their search is not very good. If I put in “ice storm” it brings up every description that mentions ice storm, rather than just products with ice storm in the name. Not every product has a color description, which I hate. Other products on the site lack swatches and color descriptions, so it’s kind of a risk to buy something.

Would I buy from The All Natural Face again?
Maybe. I was extremely disappointed with the Antique Gold Gel liner and a few of the eyeshadows. Some of the other colors were really nice. I liked the Fix spray.

What do you think of the All Natural Face? Have you tried them? Have you tried their Eye Diva Stix? Do you have anything you can recommend from them?

Products purchased by me. All opinions are my own.