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Sunday Judi and Genia and I went to the Orlando Pucker Up Blogger Event hosted by Artisan Beauty. we were joined by several of our Central Florida Beauty Blogger friends. Brittany, Kimberly, Toni, Alyssa, Steph, Alli, Maria, Su, and Lo’Real  were all there. We made some new friends, too! A big hello to Cara Scott!

Be warned, this is very picture heavy!

It started by our hosts asking us to think of a reality tv star. I stumbled with this because I don’t watch reality tv, so they suggested an actress. I should have chosen Zooey Deschanel because I do like her and I watch New Girl. Instead, I chose an old favorite, Rose McGowan. Crazily enough, Judi chose Rose too!!! Great minds think alike. :) They then asked for a volunteer, and since I’m trying to push my boundaries, I went first. They put a nametag on my forehead and I had to guess who I was. I was able to correctly guess Khloe Kardashian because of the Nicole for OPI line!

I’m Khloe for the event. LOL.

They passed out Pantone colors for 2012, along with a price sheet and there were sample colors of lipsticks and glosses to test. For any of the products, there were several additives that included: SPF, shimmer, matte, creamy, moisturizing, flakies, iridescence, glitter, plumping, scent/flavoring. The prices for our event were $25 for a lipstick and $20 for a gloss. We were able to create one complimentary lipstick or gloss, and anything after that we had to purchase. Normally, prices are $40 to match a color, $30 for lipsticks and $20 for glosses.

The ladies were able to clone old favorites or create new colors based on what we wanted.

They have several different types of bases, as well as many colorants. They have different effects of additives, such as glitter and flakies and iridescence. They also have a lot of flavoring.

We discussed blogging and Disclaimers and Disclosures for Bloggers.

We discuss colors.

Toni tries on some gloss.

Kim was wearing a cute black shirt and this awesome little key necklace.

They gave us adorable lipstick pens!

Maria and Su made their lipsticks first because they had to leave for other events.

Maria and her pretty color.

Toni with her lipstick Fantabulous! Perfect for her!

Steph made Melonpop and was excited with it!

Lo’Real with her fabulous bright orange.

Alli with her Bababa gloss! Super bright pink fun.

Brittany with her awesome lipstick called No More 9 to 5.

Check out Judi’s bright pink, Teenage Rebel!

There were lovely cupcakes, veggies, fruit and punch available for refreshments at the event. The cupcakes made me smile.

Danita with her dream gloss. It’s a naughty nude pink that gives her lip just the right amount of warmth she likes.

Alyssa with her adorable pink gloss.

Genia’s bright rose gloss!

Kim with her gloss, QR Me.

Kim with her gloss, QR Me. She also had a lipstick made named Pink Bish.

Me with my first lipstick, Pink Poodle. I’m wearing Cult Nails Devious Nature with a coat of Butter London Disco Biscuit on top.

When I made Pink Poodle, I asked for a bright pink with a hint of magenta on a matte base, with SPF and moisturizer. I forgot to ask for a lip plumper or a flavor. I did ask them to throw in a hint of pink iridescence (morganite), which they did. This lipstick is SPF 20.

This is the instagram version of that pic.

Judi liked Pink Poodle so much she had them make one for her :)

I had a second color made, a bright but light coral shade. I asked for a matte base with SPF, creme brulee flavor, pink iridescent, lip plumper and moisturizer. This lipstick is also SPF 20.

Dancing Xenia was named by Dave and me. When I asked him what it should be named, he asked what type of color it was, so I said coral. He reminded me that I love xenia corals, which I do. I also like the actress Xenia Seeberg. When I think of some of the coral plants underwater, they’re dancing. So this one ended up being named Dancing Xenia. It’s fun and unusual.

I look so exhausted in this picture. It was after driving back from Orlando, before I fell asleep. I have Dancing Xenia on my top lip and Pink Poodle on my bottom lip. I was wearing NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer SPF30/PA+++ in Finland on my face. I used NARS eyeshadow primer on my lids with a simple wash of Urban Decay Freelove on the eyes. I think I had tarte Glisten blush on.

I think you can better see the hint of pink iridescence in this picture.

Artisan Beauty was really great and I loved being able to create lipsticks with them. It was a lot of fun. We found out that they offer this as a sort of party or event in your home too, so you can have a bunch of friends over and make products with them.

I really liked the lipsticks that I had made. They’re moisturizing, not drying. The colors are lovely because they’re exactly what I wanted. I haven’t tested the staying power yet, so I can’t speak to that. I love that I could have SPF added to my products, as well as any scent/flavor they had. I was really impressed with Artisan Beauty.

I really had a great time and would love to do this again! A big thanks to Artisan Beauty!

Would you enjoy a party like this? What would your dream lipstick be?

Pink Poodle was provided for my honest opinion and review. Dancing Xenia was purchased by me. All opinions are my own.