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I love the Moo cards from (Moo Cards Refer a Friend affiliate link). I’ve ordered both business cards and mini cards, as well as their business card holders. I’ve received free Moo cards thanks to both Klout and About.Me, too. Recently Klout had another Moo card promotion, so I used it as an opportunity to update my business cards to match my new site. I also purchased a new card holder from them, since I liked their mini card holder that I purchased.

I love the quality, weight and finish on the Moo cards. I’ve also ordered Vista Print cards, and while nice, I prefer Moo.

For the acrylic card holder above, it’s neat because it has a slot in the front and in the back. So you can keep your business cards in the front and the ones that you’re given in the back. This is perfect when you’re out networking so that you don’t mix up what you’ve got on you.

$19.99 – 50 business cards
$39.98 – 100 business cards
$59.97 – 150 business cards
$69.99 – 200 business cards
$9.99 – acrylic business card holders (like the hot pink one pictures above)
$19.99 – 100 mini cards
$39.98 – 200 mini cards

Here are the mini cards I previously made shown next to the mini card holder and a regular sized business card. Next time, I’ll probably order rounded corners. These are, quite simply, the nicest  business cards I’ve ever owned.

While I created all the mini-card designs, I used the gorgeous header created by Erin from Erin Forevermore and Dorian & Dahl Perfurmery. I think it looks great on the cards! I think I want it on a shirt.

Would I purchase from Moo again?
Absolutely! I highly recommend them. Both the mini-cards and full size cards are well made and the printing is crisp and color is beautiful. The acrylic card holders are true to color and nice.

Some products purchased by me. Others were free via Klout or About.Me. All opinions are my own.