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This is from my pile of ‘to review’ products. It’s the Manic Panic Creature of the Night Melodrama Kit Palette. This palette is cruelty free and vegan.

It’s made up of a white cream eyeshadow shade that can be used as a base or as a highlighter shade, a black cream eyeliner or base shade, a red pressed eyeshadow and black pressed eyeshadow.

It also comes with three eyeshadow tutorials. One is called PG-13, one is Rated R and the final one is Rated X.

The white eyeshadow base shade is a cream shadow. It’s somehow dry by slick at the same time. It’s white with no shimmer. It’s surprisingly nice because you can build it up or sheer it out. It makes the eyeshadows very vibrant.

I swatched all eyeshadows on the top row on the white eyeshadow base. I swatched the bottom row on bare skin.

The red pressed eyeshadow is nice. It’s a rich, warm red, and as you can see on the bare skin it looks ok, but on top of the white base it really pops.

The black eyeshadow reads as a sheer black or a charcoal grey shade to my eyes. On the skin you can see how it can easily be used to darken or contour the red shade. It can also be used on top of the black cream shadow to set it.

The black cream liner / shadow is the same texture as the white. Both of those have good pigmentation.


Would I purchase?
Probably. While I’m not overly fond of cream shadows in palettes, as I typically want everything in a palette to be dry, I feel like all four shades work well together and they are classic clubbing shades. Before I really started wearing eyeshadow I stuck to black, purple and red, so 2 of my 3 favorites are here. For the price of $12, this palette breaks down to $3 per item and it’s definitely worth the cost. I took one star off for having the cream formula in the palette and the sheerness of the black.



Product sent for consideration. All opinions are my own.