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Last night I decided to touch up my hair again. I’d done so on Thursday and while part of it turned out great, the other part didn’t take at all.

On Thursday I used Manic Panic Hot Hot Pink on the under side of my hair. I used Manic Panic Ultra Violet on the top part of my hair. I basically just wanted the top section of my hair to be dark with a hint of color, since it was on top of my natural hair color at the roots, and hair that had been dyed purple for the older hair. The Hot Hot pink turned out fabulous on top of the purple. The darker section didn’t take. I mean, it still looked nice. You can’t even tell in this image that it didn’t take, but trust me, it didn’t.

On Saturday I decided I would try again. I also decided I’d use up the last of several jars for what I was doing. I also got Ray to help me, to make sure I got the roots properly covered.

For the under side of my hair:
Manic Panic Hot Hot Pink, Manic Panic Cotton Candy Manic Panic Virgin Snow, Jerome Russel Flamingo Pink – all mixed together.

For the top side of my hair:
Manic Panic Ultra Violet, Jerome Russel Punky Turquoise, Jerome Russel Punky Purple, Manic Panic Purple Haze – all mixed together.

Here are some quick cell phone pix I snapped of the results. I’ll have better pictures this week.

The dark is blackened purple, which is what I wanted in the top section.

You can see the pink-purple of the underneath layer. The dark section in the right side of the picture was where I had purple, then on April 6th I did Punky Turquoise on it, and this week it had all the pinks. I actually LOVE the color that it is currently.

What I really love about my current hair style and color placement is that I can use semi-permanent color on my naturally dark hair to make it blackened purple. The underside I’m just putting color on the part that’s already bleached. If I want, I can bleach the roots underneath, or I can just let them grow out and continue to use semi-permanent color on the already lightened sections. It’s fairly easy for me to upkeep it.

What sort of colors do you like to have in your hair? How do you feel about purple?

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