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When at the blogger event that I went to today, we discussed why it is important to have a disclaimer for your blog. I don’t know if every PR rep reads disclaimers, but they should. And even more importantly, every blogger should have a disclaimer/disclosure policy!

Among other things, I state in my disclaimer that:
I accept products for consideration and do not guarantee reviews and I always state if a product was sent to me by PR for consideration.

The vast majority of items you see me use and review in my blog are purchased by me. I always give an honest review of how the product worked for me, whether I purchased it or it was sent to me for consideration.

What does this mean?
I make no promises on how long it will take me to write a review. It means that if I don’t like a product, I may not review it. It means that I have full editorial control (after all, it is my blog) and I will review products in whatever order I desire.

Until recently, I worked a very hectic schedule between my full-time position and my contract work, which meant that my ‘to review’ pile really grew. I’m now slowly working my way through it.

New bloggers often don’t have disclaimers or know that they’re needed. It is well worth it to take the time to write up a disclaimer. If you need help writing a disclaimer, please visit


Do you have your own blog? Do you have a disclosure policy? What’s one thing you consider critical for bloggers to do?