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I made some changes to my blog layout, as I’m sure you’ve noticed. The design has been streamlined, ad positioning has been changed and I’m constantly tweaking things here and there, trying to improve my site.

Affiliate Links
I created a page for Affiliate Links and removed them from the sidebar. If you visit that page you’ll see the companies that I currently am affiliated with, which include: Sugarpill, Hautelook, Glamour Doll Eyes, Moo Cards, Touch of Modern, Dinair Airbrush and Shabby Apple.

If you think that there are companies that I should be affiliated with but that I’m not currently, please let me know. Many of my favorite companies do not have an affiliate program that I am aware of.

Hall of Fame
I created a page called Hall of Fame that lists guest posts, reviews or tutorials that I’ve done for other sites. It also lists products inspired by me or Phaedra or products that we’ve helped to create. It has interviews that people have done with me. For Independent Spotlight interviews that I’ve done with others, you’ll want to visit the Interviews page. It also has my awards and memberships.

Please let me know if you think anything is missing from this page.

At the suggestion of Brit, I’ve listed the beauty Events that I’ve been to so far. If you think there’s an event I should attend, please let me know! I’m already starting to plan for IMATs 2013.

Favs & Nixed
I removed the Nixed Page that listed places I would no longer shop. That information can be found at the bottom of the Favs page. I’m not sure that people find the Favs page all that useful anymore, and I wasn’t sure that the Nixed page was relevant, so I combined them. I may end up removing them. I still have my Places I Shop page, which is probably the most useful of those three.

Is there something you feel that I’m missing? Is there a page that needs to be created to make things easier for you? Please let me know!