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Fab.com Invite

Want an invite to Fab.com? Here's an invite link from me. I just finally made my first purchase today for Coloud Colors Pink InEar headphones with mic. Featuring a microphone and remote function, the Coloud Colors Ear Buds add the power to pause the music and receive incoming calls when playing tunes through your phone. [...]

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  • Rescue Beauty Lounge Fan Collection Aqua Lily

Rescue Beauty Lounge Fan Collection Aqua Lily

When I saw pictures of the Rescue Beauty Lounge Fan Collection I knew I had to have Aqua Lily. I own one other RBL polish, which is Scrangie. It’s great color and formula, so when I saw Aqua Lily, I knew I needed it too. […]

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Tera – Open Beta

This weekend I had the opportunity to play in the Tera MMO Open Beta. I’ve been playing SWTOR very casually, like, once or twice a month, so when one of my oldest and dearest friends spoke to me about Tera and showed me how he’d recreated me as a high elf in the game, it piqued my interest. (Fair warning, I don’t run max graphics settings on my machine since it’s a laptop and I really don’t want to fry it.) Ray and I downloaded and played Tera this weekend. It was actually a refreshing change from all previous MMOs that I’ve played. It combines so many elements of so many different games that it’s sure to have mass appeal. To begin with, the characters are lovely. They make me think of a lot of the Korean MMOs that I’ve seen but never really been able to play. I feel like I see elements of Lineage II and Final Fantasy in the art. […]

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Honeycat Cosmetics Review

Recently I had the opportunity to try out some products from Honeycat Cosmetics. I’ve been curious about this company for a long time, so I was very excited by this. Theresa Spruill is the creator and owner of Honeycat Cosmetics. She created the line to appeal to the sexy feline inside all ladies. […]

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