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I did a spring look based off of spring flowers, specifically the hyacinth. This particular flower was my inspiration. I love blue and purple, and the hyacinth is really a gorgeous flower. It does have a lot of variety, too. This is the look that I’m wearing in my Soft Kitty Warm Kitty OotD post. This turned out to be a great look with my glasses. I’ve got instructions on how I achieved the look at the end of this post. […]

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OotD – Soft Kitty Warm Kitty

I did a little OotD for you. This shirt is still a work in progress as I'm trying to figure out what to do with the sides. Anyway, this is a cute little kitty shirt that I got from Shirt Woot, which I have dubbed soft kitty warm kitty thanks to all the episodes of [...]

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NARS Chantilly

I wanted to do a quick swatch for you of the NARS Chantilly concealer. It’s awesome on my skintone. I will write up a full review on it after I’ve used it a few times. I’ve only had the opportunity to have it used on me by Manny, the awesome makeup artist from NARS, but it worked perfectly and the color match and texture are great.   […]

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Saturday’s Nordstrom Tampa Trendshow Spring 2012 – Makeovers

Judi and I both got makeovers done while at the Saturday Nordstrom Tampa Trendshow Spring 2012.  Judi went off to get a makeover done at MAC and I went to see Manny to get my makeover done. When he asked what I wanted done, I told him I wasn’t afraid of color and he could do whatever he liked, I just didn’t want boring or natural. He was happy because he didn’t want to do that, either! […]

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Saturday’s Nordstrom Tampa Trendshow Spring 2012

This past Saturday Judi invited me to join her for the Nordstrom Tampa Trendshow.We had the daunting task of getting up early to be there at 7:30. Since I’m on my normal sleep cycle right now, I typically go to sleep between 2 and 5am, and get up around 11:30 am. So getting up at 6:50 was hard! After a super quick shower, I made it out the door by 7:05 and met up with Judi at 7:32 am. We were both awake… barely. We were given cute complimentary tangerine beach bags and there were a few things raffled off. The crowd freaked me out. It was so packed I felt like I couldn’t breathe, but I clung to Judi and we weaved our way through the crowd. I felt like cattle being herded as we were ushered upstairs to the seating area for the trend show. Once seated, we were able to sit without too many people close to us and I felt like I could breathe again, so that really helped. We had been asked to live tweet the show, so I did a combination of tweets and instagram. It was hard to do instagram the way I liked because the pictures were blurry since there was so much movement and it was my phone. HOWEVER, I really enjoyed live tweeting the event. […]

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How to Win at Makeup Contests

I've been asked by several readers how to win at makeup contests. I don't think I've ever won a makeup contest, but I have won a hairstyle competition and costume competitions. That said, I do have some great tips for how to win at makeup contests. Costume corset, wig, poodle necklace, hair fascinator, etc. 1. [...]

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