So recently I subscribed to Nylon magazine, which is probably my first magazine subscription in over 5 years. I received a t-shirt with the subscription but it was gigantic. As I often love Nymphette‘s awesome DIY shirts, I decided to modify my shirt to make it more unique and to fit me.

First I watched Kandee’s video on how to modify a shirt 80s style. However, the shirt was still too big for me.

So then I watched Salina’s video on how to do the diamond technique.

I’d also recently seen a great tutorial on Madame B Fatale’s blog that reminded me to check my sewing stash for embellishments.

I started by cutting the top off the shirt, per Kandee’s instructions. Then I sewed two of the black straps with grommets on it. Deciding it was too big, I followed Salina’s video and took the shirt in some. Then I decided to add another black strap.

All in all, I had a lot of fun modifying that shirt yesterday. I did the sewing by hand, though I do have a sewing machine. The rest of the modifications were made with a very sharp pair of fabric scissors.

Here’s how the finished shirt turned out.

It was fun! I may modify a few more shirts. What do you think of modifying your clothes? Have you done it before? What are your favorite tutorials for it?

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