Every time I hear the word Obsession, the song Obsession V2.0 by Collide plays in my head. I believe it’s actually a cover of a Siouxsie & the Banshees song, but I digress. I’m starting a new blog feature today called My Obsession, which will focus on different obsessions of mine. My first obsession that I’ll share with you is The Sak.

I want to say I picked up my first Sak purse when I moved out to the San Francisco Bay Area. I stumbled across this awesome black backpack style purse and had to have it. It’s black on the outside and black on the inside.

While it has slots inside for credit cards and id, as well as a small zippered pouch, it’s really just big enough to hold an inhaler, a wallet, a slim camera, a skinny comb or brush, a compact and lipstick. It’s perfect for when you’re running around Disney World or anywhere else. I typically knot the straps up and wear it like a tiny backpack between my shoulder blades, rather than let it hang down. It’s quite well made and even though I’ve had it for years, it still looks brand new.

I’m not sure why but I love the crochet pattern and style. It definitely felt feminine to me, yet not boring at all. I think I may have initially been drawn to the crochet style because I remember my mother doing crochet as a child, though I don’t think anything she made ever looked as cool as this.

The next purse I bought from the Sak was this beauty! It’s a raspberry, grape, cherry, pink and lavender striped piece. This used to be the perfect size purse for me (it’s about the same size as the black one and holds about the same amount, it’s just shaped differently. The baguette style fits neatly on my shoulder. Even though it’s multi-hued on the outside, this one has light pink lining on the inside. There’s no credit card holders in this one, but there is a zippered pocket and 2 little pouches inside, as well as a little place to stick your cell phone on the outside of the purse.

I eventually got around to buying one of their cute wallets. I love the bright stripes on the outside, but the inside was shocking orange. For whatever reason, pink and orange scream spring to me, so it was perfect when I purchased it.

I believe the checkbook style wallet was purchased for me by my Grandma. It’s pink, with cute hearts and the inside is bright yellow. While I’m not a fan of yellow, it’s definitely cheerful.

This purse actually matches my wallet, though I picked it up second hand on ebay for like $10. I love the colors of it, obviously. I also like the size. It’s large enough to hold my kindle and my wallet and other essentials I need to lug about these days.

You can see how this one is green inside, instead of orange like the matching wallet.

This is another one I rescued from ebay. I love the teal, turquoise, blue and green stripes, though if the green were purple, it would be even better! You can see how pretty it is inside, since it has the matching blue liner. It’s larger, which is great, because it can hold more of what I need in a purse these days.

Finally, this is another one I rescued from ebay, although I’m not too sure of its authenticity. It was only $7 and I do like the orange and pink and white. It feels very spring like to me. It’s the largest of all my Sak purses.

Now, you may be wondering why I like these so much? Well, in addition to my strange obsession (tee hee) with their crochet pattern, it’s the attention to detail.

I love all the stripes and color choices. If you look at the bottom of most of the purses, they have a “S” on them for The Sak. They also usually have a little hang tag that you can attach to your keyring (or leave on the purse) with the Sak logo. They’ve got The Sak on the zipper pulls. They’ve got a Sak patch on the inside of the items. For my collection, the hues are either bold and bright, or timeless classics like Black.

The construction on all of mine is great. They withstand a lot, since they’re made of nylon and the colors haven’t faded. Additionally, they’re all easy to clean. Someone dumped beer on my wallet and I was able to remove the stain without ruining the design. Someone stepped on my black purse once, breaking a MAC lip gelee all over the inside of it. I was able to clean it out and not have the purse ruined, though the poor gelee was a goner.

And finally, they’re all reasonably priced. I think my wallet was $15 or $20, and most of the purses were between $25-$35 brand new. Finding them on ebay for $7.99 to $15 isn’t bad at all. Though their leather purses are another story entirely, and I don’t own any of those.

I just wish they’d come out with a black – purpleturquoisefuchsia stripe bag, complete with purple lining! And maybe a white poodle hangtag with a hot pink the Sak logo on it, if I’m wishing 😛

What do you think of The Sak? Have you ever purchased anything created by them? How do you feel about crochet nylon products? And do any of you know how to crochet?

Some products purchased by me. Others were gifts from family. All opinions are my own.