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Hi again, Lynn here. Today I have a manicure that was inspired by a silly conversation I had with Phyrra the other day. It worked out well because there’s also a ‘Mellow Yellow’ challenge in one of the Facebook groups I’m in.

I started out with Maybelline’s Banana Puddin’, which is a pretty, pastel yellow creme. And while it’s supposedly one of the ‘better’ yellow formulas, it was still a pain in the bum to apply, as yellows tend to be. This is after 4 streaky, difficult coats, but it ended up looking pretty good anyway, aside from the fact that yellow and I don’t get along, so please forgive my lobster hands. Of course I couldn’t leave it that simple, so I grabbed my bottle of Orly’s Luxe and busted out my mad nail art skills (okay, so dots are pretty much the extent of my talent).

I used my super-technical dotting tool (the dulled end of an orange stick) and started dotting away. Luxe is really good for this type of thing, it didn’t leave any bald spots or require a lot of manipulating, and this was super easy to do. I just put a piece of tape on my desk, added a drop of the gold, dipped in the orange stick, and dot dot dot…

I don’t wear yellow very often, it doesn’t agree with my very pink undertones, but it was fun to try to challenge myself.

Any colors that you have trouble wearing? Do you avoid them altogether or do you brave them anyway?

Thanks so much for letting me share again, Phyrra!