• prim_look1

Prim Reaper – a Hunger Games Look inspired by Effie

I saw the movie Hunger Games last night and I really enjoyed it. I need to read the books. I know just about Everyone has loved the movie. There are so many collections that have been released about it! The world was quite inspiring, especially the Capitol. So without further ado… […]

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  • lava_closed

Lava Pink

Yesterday I went to see the Hunger Games movie! It was so good! I got very excited during the previews because of the upcoming Avengers movie, as well as Snow White and the Huntsman. Both of those look enjoyable. Anyway, I went for a very bright look with lava pink shades. […]

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  • sak_obsession

My Obsession – The Sak Purses and Accessories

Every time I hear the word Obsession, the song Obsession V2.0 by Collide plays in my head. I believe it’s actually a cover of a Siouxsie & the Banshees song, but I digress. I’m starting a new blog feature today called My Obsession, which will focus on different obsessions of mine. My first obsession that I’ll share with you is The Sak. […]

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