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For probably the first time in my life, I was excited by a neutral collection… of nail polish! When I saw the sneak peeks of Cult Nails The Let’s Get Nekkid Collection, I just had to have it! So as soon as the pre-order went live, I purchased it. Thank goodness for Android phones! Yep, I did it from my cell phone. I’m excited by this collection for several reasons. One, I really don’t have many neutral nail polishes. Two, none of these shades are boring. They’ve all got gold to them, which I think adds elegance! Three, there’s a flakey in the mix. Ok, so Toxic Seaweed isn’t a neutral, per se, but it looks great with the rest.

These are all two coats of polish.

My thoughts on the colors:
Mazo – light tan with gold shimmer
Baker – peachy tan with gold shimmer
Tulum – milk chocolate brown with gold shimmer
Swanbourne – deep chocolate brown with gold micro glitter
Toxic Seaweed – green-teal with golden flakies

I pre-ordered the collection for $40.

Typically, the Cult nails polishes retail for $10 each. Pre-ordering is a really good deal if you think you’ll like all the colors. These colors should be available on the Cult website soon, as the pre-order is over.

I can’t WAIT to do a mani with these colors. I’m planning on doing an ombré mani:
Pinky – Swanbourne
Ring – Tulum
Middle – Baker
Index – Mazo
Thumb – Toxic Seaweed

Here’s my ombré mani.

I think this is an awesome collection from Maria at Cult Nails. While the colors fall outside what I typically wear, I really like them and think they round out my polish collection nicely. I think the shades will definitely have mass appeal.

What do you think of the Let’s Get Nekkid Collection? Do you like neutrals with a kick? Have you tried Cult Nails yet?

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