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Beauty Blog Link Love

Beautifully Addicted To.... shows you how to create Galaxy Nails. Musicalhouses takes a look at Benefit's latest boxed blush offering, Benefit Hervana! Tigers get frisky on Valentine's Day as Addicted to Beauty enjoys London Zoo's viral campaign. At Musing on Beauty, Mariella tries two of the Edward Bess Quad Royale and is positively surprised! [...]

The Lipstick League Weekend Posts

Question of the Week: – If you weren’t blogging about beauty, what would you be blogging about? Answer: Oh! This is a good one! Maybe Women's health? Possibly dogs, book reviews or video games. we heart this – Glam.com just sent their latest package to Beauty Board members. Take a look at what they’re excited about for spring, from L’Eau de Chloé t[...]

My Shepherdess Pie

Ray really loves Shepherd's Pie and Shepherdess Pie. In light of this, and our dietary restrictions, I set out to make Shepherdess Pie for dinner. I looked at many different recipes before making my own. When I make this again, there are several things I will tweak. I should point out that we tend to eat vegetarian in my household most of the time. [...]