I have some lovely eye shadows from Kiss My Sass to show you today! I’ve swatched two sets of eye shadows that I have, and I’ll have lip products for you in the near future.

Diamonds & Pearls (v) – sheer nude (creamy off-white) with a copper sheen & a few silver flecks
Drama Queen – a sheer nude with a heavy gold sheen
Black Forest (v) – black with emerald green shimmer
Chocolate Truffle (v) – dark brown with red & copper shimmer
Charcoal (v)- dark matte gray
Swagger (v) – a bronze/brown with copper sparkles
Dead of Night (v) – dark purple (almost black) with purple & gold shimmer
Reign Over Me (v) – blue based purple with a turquoise sheen and pink sparkles
Pink Horizons (v) – a light pink shimmer
Broken Hearted – intense pinky-red with gold shimmer
Sailor’s Kiss (v) – vibrant blue with gold flecks
Demure – shimmery tan with pink undertones and silver flecks

What do you think of these colors? I think that Broken Hearted is really awesome, since the gold sheen is so visible. I’m also a fan of Diamonds & Pearls and Drama Queen. Do you see any shades you must have?

Some products were purchased by me. Others were samples sent for consideration. All opinions are my own.

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