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So there is an awful site out there called that has been stealing my posts – images and written content. I tried contacting their host to get them to remove my content and got no response. This irritated me. So I did research on how to block hotlinking. I followed this AWESOME tutorial, How to Prevent Websites from Hotlinking your Site Images. I added a wordpress plugin called Station Identification to make it clear that if my posts are showing up on another site, such as the one mentioned above, it’s clear it’s there without my permission.

I’ve added several sites to my allowed list, including:
BlogLovin’, Feedburner, Blogger, Google Reader, and Facebook.

I do love the fact that the image I made visible on sites that are hotlinking to my stuff says “I’m a Content Thief! I steal images and posts from other people!”

Image: Salvatore Vuono /

Let me know if you have any questions or any issues. I’m grateful to online web tutorials for making it relatively easy for me to fix issues like this. If you use another reader than the ones I mention above to follow my blog, please let me know which reader and what the URL is (example: for Blogger, so I can add it to my approved list.

Please note, if you’re in a different country than me, please send me your URL (example. so that I can add it to the list, because the URLs vary by country. I’ll be happy to add you to fix this issue :)

Please don’t let this stop you from using Pinterest. Pinterest is a great way to get people to visit blogs, shops, etc. The best example I can give is that I saw gorgeous nail polish on Pinterest. I clicked on the image. It took me to the blog that it was pinned from. That blog had a link to the shop. I purchased the nail polish from that shop… all because Pinterest let me see it, held the URL for the original content and I liked it. I think Pinterest is great for sharing :) So please continue to share my images and others on it! Pinterest is awesome! You can find me on Pinterest as Phyrra.