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Today’s Beauty Blog Advent Calendar is on satchel bags. I seem to love them this year since they are great for organization and holding everything I want to take with me. These days, I need to have enough space to take my essentials (lip balm, contact solution, inhaler, hand sanitizer, mini fragrance, hand creme, tissues, brush, mirror, mints, gum, business cards), my wallet, a notepad and pen, as well as room for my kindle and phone. I like having different pockets for organization, as well as having it be a top loader.

You’ve seen my favorite fall bag in this style, the Franco Sarto East Side Satchel in Bronze. Utterly awesome.

I also recently picked up this bag during Black Friday/Cyber Monday. It’s a Donna Sharp Reese Bag in Purple Zebra.

Brand: Franco Sarto
Bag: East Side Satchel, Bronze
Size: 15.5” x 6.5” x 9.5”
Material: Faux Leather

I love this bag, but I HATE the interior. It’s just not to my taste. Very hideous. I’d far rather it be gold or purple or something other than the multi-colored mess that it is.

I’ve only had this one a few days, but I love that it’s purple. I love that it’s got purple interior too. It makes a nice, fun purse.

Brand: Donna Sharp
Bag: Reese Bag, Purple Zebra
Size: 13.25″ x 8″ x 4.5″
Weight: 1 lb
Material: PVC Vinyl Covered Cotton

Both of these satchels have an interior pocket with a zipper that could function as makeup bag, but I tend to stick all my essentials in that pocket.

I really like how both of these bags fit on my shoulder without sliding off, and they stay tucked under my arm.

As I’ve had the Franco Sarto bag for months now and it’s held up perfectly under daily use, I would recommend it wholeheartedly. I’ve not had the Donna Sharp long enough to be able to tell how it will hold up under such use.

What are your favorite type of bags? Do you like satchels? Are there any brands you’d like to recommend?

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